Our brand is based on the principle of quality in products and DOREA quality through all stages to create the first condition of the disciplined and principled work of branding the idea continues to manufacture than give up this necessary for investments.

Our brand DOREA is the longest and highest quality fiber production is usedCOMBED yarn .All are never used in the production of contract manufacturing and the production of entirely in-house with the latest technology and is constantly followed by new technology. Our brand is the best independent design offices of industry collection hazırlatmaktadır. The design team who follow the fashion trends in the world at the same time consider the comfort of use of the site. Used in obtaining the raw materials market is carefully selected top quality combed cotton and modal yarn are suitable to your health by finishing at ecotex certified dye manufacturing.

% 100 MODAL

Produced from beech wood modal, completely natural, wet and dry strength is a high-fiber variety. Wear-resistant. Moisture transfer feature is pretty good. Modal yarns knitted or woven fabrics, soft has a Soft touch.Due to good moisture transfer, the hot, humid climate even in clothing offers comfort. Thermoplastic on the property and the lack of regenerated cellulosic based due to finishing operations is similar to the behavior of cotton fiber. Due to the fact that with a rudderless ship towards natural bleaching, mercerizing process does not require. Comfort and aesthetics, shine and naturalness for textile products is preferred.


The raw material of viscose is beech treed; the same is composed of cellulose, such as cotton. Viscose production process structure of cellulose real by becoming fluid, virtually no chemical change. With these features, Show a high similarity to the structure of the cotton.Viscose dehumidifying property, cotton is higher. Under normal circumstances,-14% moisture collects, swelling property is higher than 80%-120 water up to absorb.Viscose cotton due to the much higher dehumidification staining and oppression, is very convenient. It also makes it look brighter colors. Viscose fabrics are elegant and comfortable. Due to the delicate and smooth spinning fibers in a soft touch products are obtained. Slippery and is compatible with the skin. So wear comfortable and easy. desired fabrics, crepe fabrics and braids are used to give the brightness of the effect. Lining fabrics, blouses, shirts, t-shirts, dresses, decorations and female underwear are preferred in the production. Viscose fibers like cotton, linen and wool mixed with other fibres are also used.


COTTON are the plant of the most cited By fibres on Earth.Combed cotton yarn is better quality than smooth-looking and homogeneous according to Carded Cotton yarn. The fabric which produced from this yarn is softer fabric , more robust, more uniform surface-looking, cleaner and brighter. Combed cotton yarns has been used in the production of slim woven fabric and knitted fabrics .Produced fabrics has Been used in the high quality dresses, blouses, shirts, t-shirts, underwear and home textile products. Combed yarns in our productions, world-renowned and native cotton is top quality, very good of physical features, clean, long and thin, easily paintable features. In this way, maximum quality in the yarn, smoothness, ruggedness and cleaning is provided.


The body warm and the heat loss prevents. The moisture throws out with Natural fiber structure.It is Soft , itch and does not irritate. It is flexible and body wraps. It is light, you can use throughout the day. Easy washed. Dries quickly