Our company started its manufacturing life in 1999 and became brand name Dorea in 2007.With our experience and knowledge from the past, there is a big Brand in the textile sector.Our brand, who has been trained in the kitchen of the business and who is in an understanding of serving with all its employees without compromising its quality in underwear, has set out with a young and dynamic Staffs.Dorea Company has an indoor production area of 2000 square meters, central building and showroom in İstanbul, and Bilecik has an indoor production area of 1000 square meters.Our brand, which started out with men underwear and children “boy” underwear in the first place with customer-oriented production approach, continues to work in women and girl underwear.We are excited to present our products to best customers as soon as possible.Dorea has reached İts goal to become a familiar Brand in Europe & other countries with an amateur spirit and excitement in a short time with its own brand in the export sector and we have the necessary sales network in domestic market. Please do not hesitate to get contact with us; for all requirements. Looking forward to hearing good news from yourside.

From the past experience and the accumulation of our textile industry, our brands have an ambitious squad returns to capital infrastructure, improve the underlying principles, to ensure customer satisfaction and generate the raw material suitable for European standards. To contribute to the development of the country’s high value-added products and to increase domestic production.
All our audiences to ensure satisfaction from us, consumer awareness and provide for the people, by increasing the quality of life, new designs to produce the newest design, design and deliver quality to be the Center. In the country and abroad to be a brand known and sought after. Investing in people and systems, attitudes and behavior by our employees through our leadership is to achieve total quality.
Products based on the principle of “quality” and to the taste of the consumer that quality best price requested. “All through this phase is the first condition of the disciplined and principled work of branding the idea never will not give up.”